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MVR Creative partners creatives, creative entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders create a plan of action and have the support so you can increase revenue and bring your vision to life.


  • Looking for support in planning for the short and long term of your organization

  • Creator, Founder, or Artistic director looking for support in a new project, program, or initiative

  • Running your business, but things aren't where you'd like them to be in your business

  • You’re looking to determine or revamp the offerings inf your business

  • Creative, Founder, Artistic Director, and/or Executive Director looking for funding for a project or initiative, but don’t know where to start

  • Working as a creator and need some with figuring out how to set up things on the business side of things - from figuring out what you're offering to how it's all work

  • Creative entrepreneur, Artistic Director, and/or Founder looking to map out your business, a new program, event, and/or element of your business

  • Executive Director, Founding Artistic Director, or Managing Director looking to develop - and increase - income opportunities

  • Working in the creator economy, an Artistic Director, and/or Founder looking for support in implementing your artistic vision and activities 

  • Founder, Executive Director, Artistic Director, and/or Creative looking for assistance in creating surveys for programs, events, and/or your business offering(s) to get better data for outreach, improve your offerings, development, funding, and reach your business goals


The only problem is that you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start, you want to move forward in a way that makes sense, and you want to stop stumbling and start creating your next idea or part of your business.


Working together, you’ll receive individualized support to develop a rock solid strategy, determine your next steps, and explore options so that you can make your vision a reality and reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way.


You may

  • Feel like you're constantly working on something, but only have so much to show for it

  • Have a new idea or initiative you want to implement, but feel overwhelmed, uncertain, or don’t know where to start

  • Want to further develop your idea, project, or your business?

  • Experienced difficulties with getting started or planning for your business

  • Want to plan for the short and long term of your project or business?

  • Looking for a way to move forward with your project or business in a way that makes sense financially and aligns with your values?

  • You have limited funding available - and don’t know where to start with the funding opportunities available

  • Worried that you’ll miss something in the grant application - or the deadline to apply?

  • Overwhelmed or uncertain about where to start with a grant application or funding letter?

  • You strive for excellence in the work you do - and want to have the funding in place to help make that happen

I help passionate and driven creatives and leaders develop their businesses.  You won’t feel so overwhelmed, and all over the place when it comes to turning your idea into an actionable, results driven plan.  


Through individualized support, you’ll be on the road to:

  • Developing a rock-solid strategy

  • Determine your next steps

  • Explore how you can make your vision a reality and reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way

  • Running efficient systems and operations in your business so you can increase your overall revenue

Imagine how it will feel to go from feeling overwhelmed to having real world strategies to develop your business and bring your idea to life.

Ready to learn more about working together 1 on 1? Join the wait list today!!



Taking control of your idea and bringing it to life has never been so easy

Let's get started.


“You want to help creatives create.”

“It brings clarity to the work I do.”


“Overall a great experience.”


“No pressure, just have fun and be ready to create and discuss!”


“Just do it!”

My company (that you helped me get started) just had its first employee retreat in Washington. ☺️ Thank you so much for helping me get the ball rolling!

“I wanted to work with her to organize and identify the mission, vision, and purpose for my business.  We had scheduled meetings, feedback, provided next steps, focus and specificity as well as sharing ideas and viewpoints. We also worked on completing my website and developing other written materials, along with identifying work opportunities that pertain to the services my business can provide.  You are professional, analytical, able to take information in and put it together in a coherent fashion and uses the time wisely.  In addition, you’re very pleasant to work with and open to my specific process.”


Are you ready to create a plan of action and have the support so you need so you can increase revenue and bring your vision to life.


Are ready to work together?

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