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I’m Michelle Roshanzamir, a consultant, grant writer, and producer helping creatives, founders, artistic directors, and leaders bring their ideas to life and develop their businesses.


I work with a range of creatives and leaders to bridge the gap between the creative and idea side and the business, coordination, and management side of the equation.


You’re passionate and driven about the work you do, but can be overwhelmed and all over the place when it comes to getting organized and turning your ideas into an actionable, results driven plan. 


Having real world strategies to develop your business and bring your idea to life is totally achievable.


You can keep doing more of what you love and move forward with confidence on your ideas - and your business - in a way that makes sense financially and aligns with your values and goals.

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My clients include creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs typically working in the arts, entertainment, and culture sector.


This has included those working in the creator economy; writers, artists, and filmmakers; to leaders, founders, artistic directors, and managers at nonprofit and for-profit organizations.


The common problems you face include being overwhelmed or all over the place when it comes to getting organized and turning your ideas into an actionable, results driven plan.  


Through individualized support, I help you develop your strategy and business, determine your next steps, and explore your options - including funding - so you can make your vision a reality and reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way.

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I’ve worked with individuals and organizations to: 

  • Coordinate and manage projects, events, and projects

  • Determine and go after funding opportunities, including applying for grants

  • Strategy development and implementation

Where it all got started...

The germ for what I’m doing now started when I was in college: I was an art school student who scoffed at much of the business side of things, despite my own growing interest and experience in management and producing.


While my time at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) was impactful in many ways, I knew I wanted to continue learning, and went to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)’s MBA/MFA Theatre Management program.  It was a great combination: I had the opportunity to balance both the ‘business-side’ and ‘arts-side’ of the work I was starting to do and wanted to continue doing.


With one semester left in the MBA/MFA program, I decided to drop the MFA side of the program and shift gears and just focus on the MBA.  While it was a difficult decision to make at the time, it turned out to be a wise choice:  I ended up focusing more on the MBA side, taking courses and continuing to meet people I may not have otherwise, and continue developing the skills I use to this day.


While the experiences in school were useful, my experiences outside of school were proving to be just as valuable.  I keep seeing how much creatives and leaders - many of them working in the arts, entertainment, and culture sector - struggle with the business and management side of what they’re working on.

Continuing to work at the intersection of stories, ideas, creativity and business, I launched MVR Creative in 2019.

Taking control of your idea or business has never been easier - and more fun!


When you’re clear on what you want to do and how to get there, you can make your vision a reality.

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To learn more about how I can help you bring your idea or project to life, figure out the money or funding portion for your creative endeavor or organization, or produce or manage your project, check out my Work With Me page or email me here to get your questions answered.

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