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I work with creative running your business, founders, and artistic directors to bring your ideas to life and develop your business - including finding clarity around funding opportunities.

The only problem is that you’re unsure what your funding options are and feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start, you want to move forward in a way that makes sense, and you want to stop stumbling and start creating your next idea or move forward with your business.


Together in this package, you’ll receive individualized support to determine your funding goals, determine your options and next steps, and explore options so that they can make their vision a reality and reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Continually striving for excellence in the work you do - and want to have the funding in place to help make that happen.

  • Started researching funding options but feel overwhelmed or uncertain about what your options are?

  • Want to take advantage of the funding opportunities available, but which one’s the right one - and what your next steps are?

  • Looking to move forward with your idea or project that makes sense financially and aligns with your vision and values?

  • Not sure if a peer-to-peer campaign, fiscal sponsorship, grant, fellowship, engaging your donor base, or other funding opportunity is the right fit for you and what you’re working on?



  • Having the clarity on where to start and what steps to take when it comes to successfully funding your next project or your business

  • You’re clear on your funding goals and you feel confident in your ability to take consistent action.

  • You’ve determined the type of fund(s) to go after - and have the funding available.

  • You have the right buy-in and others waiting to launch your project or initiative.

  • You’re taking steps to plan for the longer term and have the opportunity to plan for the future and for new collaborations.  You’re building longer-term relationships with stakeholders and the community at large.

  • You’re doing what you love everyday.  You feel excited about each step you take and feel confident in doing the work you love in a financially rewarding way and aligns with your mission, vision, and values.

You’re a passionate and driven creative or leader that strives for excellence in the work you do.


You want to stop stumbling and start taking steps to start working on your next project or idea.


You deserve to be able to move forward with your idea in a way that’s financially viable and aligns with your values.


That’s the exact reason why I created this package - to take you from feeling overwhelmed to taking control of your net idea or project.




Over the course of 2, 60 minute video sessions, we’ll discuss where things stand now with your project or organization and where you’d like to go.  I’ll help you get clarity on the bigger funding strategy as well as determining your next steps.


By the end of the calls, you’ll feel clear, confident, and excited about the overall funding plan for your project or organization and the strategy to stay on track to successfully bring your idea to life.




You’ll receive a curated list of funding options and/or opportunities.  These will help you get on track with moving forward with your idea.


Through individualized support of this experience, you’ll be on the road to developing a rock-solid funding strategy, determining your next steps, and explore funding options so you can make your vision a reality and reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way.

As a result of this one-on-one package, you will:

  • Turn your options for funding your idea or business into concrete action steps

  • Identify the short and long-term funding options for your project or organization

  • Explore how to move forward strategically with funding options - from a specific funding options for a bigger picture strategy

  • Develop a results-driven plan for funding your idea or business that aligns with your values and goals - and you can implement immediately

  • Have a clear plan of action so you can stop stressing out and start to enjoy a thriving business


Taking control of your idea and bringing it to life has never been so fun.


Let’s get started.


Your investment: $750

When you’re clear on what you want to do and how to get there, you can make your vision a reality.


Are you interested in working together?  Excellent! Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Click on the button below to make your payment.

Step 2.  Watch out for an email from me including information about booking our session and the 'Dive Into Your Money' questionnaire.


Step 3.  We’ll get started!!



Have questions? Email me here.

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