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Grant Roadmap

Need help go through the grant research, grant application, and grant management process? Look no further!


What you'll get:

  • 5 modules going through every step of the grant research, application, and management process

  • Checklists walking you through every step

  • 8 group meetings + Q&A sessions


“You want to help creatives create.”

“It brings clarity to the work I do.”


“Overall a great experience.”


“No pressure, just have fun and be ready to create and discuss!”


“Just do it!”

 "My company (that you helped me get started) just had its first employee retreat in Washington. ☺️ Thank you so much for helping me get the ball rolling!"​


“I wanted to work with her to organize and identify the mission, vision, and purpose for my business.  We had scheduled meetings, feedback, provided next steps, focus and specificity as well as sharing ideas and viewpoints. We also worked on completing my website and developing other written materials, along with identifying work opportunities that pertain to the services my business can provide.  You are professional, analytical, able to take information in and put it together in a coherent fashion and uses the time wisely.  In addition, you’re very pleasant to work with and open to my specific process.”

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