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I help amazing creatives like you bring your idea to life.  You know that if you take some time to work on a plan for your upcoming show or project, you can move forward with it in a way that makes sense and is more financially viable and rewarding.

Together with this budget template and checklist, I help you develop a plan, break down the numbers, and have the support you need so you can move forward with your show (or project!) more effectively, remove bottlenecks, and increase the chance of making money.

Do any of these sound familiar?


Putting together a budget is something I forget to do - then get into a money hole


This is one of the first time putting together a budget like this, and I don’t know where to start


I don’t want to overspend on a project 


Don’t know how much things cost or how to start figuring it out

Imagine what it will feel like when you go from feeling overwhelmed to having the tools, real world strategies, and support to help you run your business and bring your vision to life.

Looking for this type of support in your work? Know you’re not alone! This is just what a few people are saying:

“I wanted to work with her to organize and identify the mission, vision, and purpose for my business.  We had scheduled meetings, feedback, provided next steps, focus and specificity as well as sharing ideas and viewpoints. We also worked on completing my website and developing other written materials, along with identifying work opportunities that pertain to the services my business can provide.  You are professional, analytical, able to take information in and put it together in a coherent fashion and uses the time wisely.  In addition, you’re very pleasant to work with and open to my specific process.” - Barbara Roberts


“Asking the right questions with growth in mind.” - LA Commons staff


“We adore you and appreciate the work you did for us. We learned a great deal from you.” - Queerwise


Where would your life be if this was your story too?


  • Having the budget process broken down for you

  • Having resources to help you go through putting together a budget - and planning for - your upcoming project

  • Having a starting point with a template and more you can use

Having been on both the producing team and venue side when it comes to putting shows and programs together and executing them, I get how valuable having things like budget planning and beyond is for a project.

How I got started…

The germ for what I’m doing now started when I was an art school student who scoffed at much of the business side of things.

Fast forward to over 8 years of seeing and helping creatives, creative entrepreneurs, and creatives at nonprofits struggle to bridge the vision and execution sides of what they do.  That’s lead me to have 5+ years of helping people just like you bridge the gap between the idea and business side of the work your do - and make it easier for you!

“We were struggling around capturing our financial data from the past three years and how to use it moving forward.  You’ve been asking the right questions - and we needed an intense data scramble and having you onboard to help was helpful.” - LA Commons


“Excellent service and wonderful on the spot troubleshooting.  Will love to work with her again.” - Anonymous

“Thanks for working with us and for being diligent, kind and easygoing during the process!  You’re organized, prompt, thoughtful and creative, and was a pleasure to work with on our projects with our creative arts organization.  

We worked on a spoken word performance that we did as a recorded program online that we subsequently also aired at a live event. Michelle helped us with a variety of aspects in planning and promoting the program. She also helped us with brainstorming ideas for the future of our organization.  

We had no hesitations when we hired you because we felt like you’d be a good fit due to your experience, skills and personality.  You are easy to work with and willing to be flexible and open to new ideas - and after having made the investment to work together, I would do it again.”  - Corey Roskin, Queerwise

What if you had this support too?

You’re a creative that strives for excellence in the work you do and want to make a difference in the world.


You want to stop stumbling and start taking the steps to move forward with your work and take it to the next level.  Having the support, tools, and strategy to make that happen is totally doable.


You deserve to be able to move forward with your projects in a way that’s financially viable and aligns with your values.


That’s the exact reason why I created this beta offer around developing and managing the budget for your project - to take you from feeling overwhelmed to taking control of your work.



Utilizing the checklist & workbook, use this template to fill out your projected income and expenses along with tracking what you spend and and bring in for the show.


This helps you get an overall picture of what you think you think you'll spend and bring in, along with how much you actually spend and bring in.


The checklist and workbook goes through every step of the process when it comes to filling out the different parts of your budget.


This step by step guide helps you go through your budget and provides a jumping off point for you to figure out your project goals and more!


Through the support of this experience, you’ll be on the road to developing a rock-solid budget for your show, have a step by step guide, and explore options so you can reach your goals in a deeply fulfilling and financially rewarding way.

It’s time to take a handle on planning for your upcoming show.

Taking control of your idea and bringing it to life has never been so fun.

Grab your template, checklist, and workbook below! Looking for additional support? Check out the VIP package.

Let’s get started.

When you’re clear on what you want to do and how to get there, you can make your vision a reality.


“We appreciated have you on deck - you asked good questions and took the data on hand, as imperfect as it was, and make it work.”

- Leslie, LA Commons

“You don't have to do this alone.”

- Anonymous

“We just jumped in and got it done.”

- Suzie, LA Commons

“Thanks for following up and for helping me out with this. Overall, great experience.”

- Anonymous

“Thanks for coming into our organization and jumping in!”

- LA Commons

"Michelle was excellent…even when things didn't go as plan. She was quick and organized and kept me up to date every step of the way. Excellent service, and wonderful one the spot trouble shooting. Will love to work with her again."

- Anonymous

“My company (that you helped me get started) just had its first employee retreat in Washington. ☺️ Thank you so much for helping me get the ball rolling!”

- Jacob Plummer


Ready to go from feeling overwhelmed to having the tools, real world strategies, and support to help you run your business and bring your vision to life

Fill out an application to get started below!

Once you fill out the application, I'll review it and get back to you within 48 business hours with next steps.



Have questions? Email me here.

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